Task 2 - Review Expenses of Property

This task involves comparing the actual operating expense pass throughs with local industry averages and looking at cost fluctuations. This allows us to spot red flags and determine how efficient the property management is. Task 2 consists of the following subtasks:

2.1 Compile Industry Averages: Compile industry averages for shopping center's geographic area and center type based on industry average information gathered by BOMA, IREM, ICSC, The Urban Land Institute and The RBJ Group, Inc.

2.2 Review Operating Expenses for Building: Review the shopping center operating expense pass throughs over four years to identify cost fluctuations indicative of capital expenses or prohibited pass throughs.

2.3 Analyze Model for Variances: Identify red flag areas based on actual costs compared to industry averages or large increases in expenses from year to year.

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