Starting the Lease Audit Process

Three Easy Steps
officeraceStep 1
Provide RBJ with a copy of your lease along with any amendments, estoppels, and other relevant lease documents. Also, provide your latest (and preferably past 3 years) CAM/Operating Expense reconciliation(s).

Step 2
RBJ will perform an initial desk top lease audit. This desk top lease audit will be performed free of charge, and should take a day to a week to complete. It should be noted that RBJ does not contact your landlord during this stage of the process. This desk top lease audit will help RBJ determine if a full lease audit has merit.

Step 3
At this point, we will then enter into a Services Agreement to perform a full lease audit. RBJ can structure the pricing of this Services Agreement a number of ways. You can choose an hourly basis, a contract or project basis with a not to exceed amount, a contingency basis, or a combination of all three.

The contingency basis is by far the most popular choice. This means that there is no charge for RBJ’s service unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf. Please contact us for more detail.