RBJ Resources

RBJ uses a combination of databases developed by national firms, local firms, public agencies and by the RBJ Group itself.
  • Operating Expense industry averages compiled by IREM, BOMA, The Urban Land Institute and RBJ.
  • An extensive database of assessor's parcels which contains relevant real estate parcel information such as sales price, assessed value, acreage, loan, etc.
  • Property Tax appeal lists which show the status of outstanding tax appeals as well as those that have been finalized
  • Various outside sources such as CoStar Group, Dataquick and Retail Tenant Directory to determine square footage of office buildings and shopping centers in confirming pro rata shares. These sources also include information such as building owner, tenants with building/center, market value, last construction date, etc.
  • RBJ's own database of information collected as a result of it's work. This includes information about specific shopping centers, office buildings, landlords, local and national trends, etc.
These resources allow RBJ to efficiently and thoroughly audit or administer your lease and find errors that other firms would miss.

One RBJ client had a portfolio of 3,000 leases. Using just a list of addresses, RBJ was able to use it's own resources to identify which leases had a high probability of overcharges. This enabled RBJ to start with the most problematic leases first.