.....I highly recommend The RBJ Group to anyone considering their services. From our experience, RBJ puts in a lot of research before contacting the landlord, and their estimates of the errors are very close to the actual received. Moreover, the contingency-based contract took all risk away from us..... (Full Recommendation)
-Private Healthcare Systems

....We were especially impressed with the quality of their writing and analytical skills. All arguments were grounded in the lease, and supported by careful, detailed spreadsheets. Prior to contacting landlords for refunds, RBJ contacted us with a copy of the proposed correspondence, an explanation of the correspondence and a summary of the expected response as well as the strengths and weaknesses in their arguments. The Bank also appreciated RBJ's responsiveness. Finally, RBJ's professionalism helped earn settlements without damaging landlord relationships.... (Full Recommendation)
-Bank of America

....Another important reason we continue to use RBJ is that they are able to recover the overcharges they locate. Many firms we have dealt with are unable to convince the landlords to actually refund overcharges, but RBJ has a high success rate in recovering what they go after while still preserving the landlord/tenant relationship.... (Full Recommendation)
-Blockbuster Entertainment